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IGD was exclusively invited to visit Netto Poland’s latest store concept that includes a focus on mission-based categories and healthy eating.

This in-depth guide to Denmark explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

We take a look at the trends set to shape retailing in Western Europe in the year ahead.

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We look at how Netto is rolling out a new digital platform in Denmark as the country director, Brian Seemann Broe, stands down.

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Denmark based Salling Group has announced the sale of the 163 Netto stores it operates in Sweden to Coop Sverige. For the Danish retailer it’s a strategic decision to focus investments in other markets, while Coop will strengthen its position as the second largest retailer in Sweden. The agreement will need to be approved by the Swedish competition authorities, but it is unlikely that it will ...
We look at how Salling Group and Dagrofa are expanding and developing their store formats. Netto to open 22 new discount stores and modernise 70 in 2019 … Salling Group’s Netto has plans to open 22 new stores and modernise 70 stores in Denmark 2019. The 70 stores will be converted to the new Netto 3.0 concept. As part of the 3.0 store concept, there is less space for SPOT (when it’s gone...
We highlight the latest developments from Denmark as Salling Group and Coop Danmark tackle food waste. Meanwhile, Coop Danmark has also announced plans to introduce in-store pharmacy services. Bilka halves its total food waste Salling Group’s hypermarket banner, Bilka, has committed to halving its food waste again by 2030. The banner previously agreed to halving its food waste in 2014. Sinc...

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