Sainsbury’s removing plastic bags on fresh produce

Date : 07 June 2019

Sainsbury’s announces plans to replace plastic bags across loose fruit, vegetables and bakery items, with paper alternatives.

Providing sustainable solutions

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to replace plastic bags across loose fruit, vegetables and bakery items, with paper alternatives.

From September, customers shopping loose items from fresh produce or the bakery will be able to bring their own bags or buy a re-usable bag made from recycled materials.

According to the retailer, this move alone will help save 489 tonnes worth of plastic waste.

Sainsbury’s is also set to remove a few other plastic items including plastic cutlery, plastic trays for tomatoes and carrots and plastic lids from cream pots.

The move is aligned with Sainsbury’s sustainability commitments. The retailer has pledged to remove dark coloured plastics by the end of 2019, replacing them with sustainable alternatives.

Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe said: “We are absolutely committed to reducing unnecessary plastic packaging in Sainsbury’s stores. Our customers expect us to be leading the way on major issues like this, so I am determined to remove and replace plastic packaging where we can and offer alternatives to plastic where packaging is still required to protect a product.”

‘Doing good is good business’

Retailers are continuing to announce new initiatives around what we have identified in our Global retail trends 2019 report as 'doing good is good business'.

Earlier this week, Waitrose launched its ‘Waitrose Unpacked’ trial in its Botley Road branch, Oxford. The trial will run for 11 weeks until 18th August. The retailer has removed hundreds of products out of their packaging and launched new in-store refill zones dispensing loose products.

In May, Morrisons launched packaging-free areas in many of its stores. The introduction followed a ten-month, three store trial which saw shoppers purchase an average of 40% more loose fruit and vegetables.

Similarly, earlier this year Tesco launched a two-store trial removing plastic packaging from 45 fresh produce items.

We expect retailers to continue pushing their sustainability credentials further in the future, with a focus on helping customers and communities live better and more sustainable lifestyles.


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