Sainsbury’s unveils new brand slogan

Date : 25 February 2021

Nick Gladding

Senior Retail Analyst

Sainsbury’s has launched a new brand slogan to support its position as the Principal Supermarket Partner at the United Nations' international climate change conference, COP26, taking place in Glasgow this November.

New strapline to align with Sainsbury’s updated strategy

'Helping Everyone Eat Better' will replace 'Eat Well for Less' as Sainsbury’s primary messaging in late Spring in a move designed to emphasise Sainsbury’s role in helping shoppers improve their diets while also helping reduce their impact on the environment ‘one plate at a time’. Sainsbury’s will reveal more about what this means for colleagues and customers in the coming months.

The move follows the launch last year of Sainsbury’s new Food First strategy and its pledge to put food back at the heart of the business, with a heightened focus given to providing high quality, great value products, as evidenced through newly launched Aldi Price Match. The new strapline also connects with Sainsbury’s increased focus on sustainability and its commitment to reach Net Zero by 2040 through its own operations, a pledge supported by £1bn of investments over 20 years.

Partner to COP26

Commenting on developments, Sainsbury’s CEO Simon Roberts, said: “We believe that everyone wants to play their part and reduce their impact on the planet – and that we can help shoppers find simple ways to make delicious, great value food healthier and more environmentally friendly, one plate at a time.

“We have long recognised our responsibility to protect the environment and I’m extremely proud that we continue to lead the charge. Tackling climate change requires transformational thinking across industry and government and a willingness to collaborate globally. We are delighted to partner with COP26 and hope that it inspires our colleagues, customers and other businesses to rally together to protect and restore our planet for future generations to come.”

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