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Sainsbury's and Tesco have both hit significant milestones in their convenience operations this week. 

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Sainsbury’s has announced it is swapping traditional, plastic tray packaging for a new vacuum-packed alternative across its beef mince range, saving 450 tonnes of plastic annually. The new packaging will result in a minimum 55% reduction in plastic per product. The beef mince products will be vacuum-packed for freshness by removing all oxygen which typically causes a product to eventually spoi...
Sainsbury’s is introducing £2 fruit and vegetable boxes. Following a successful trial in January, the boxes are now available in over 200 selected supermarkets. The ‘Taste Me, Don’t Waste Me’ boxes will include a variety of surplus fresh fruit and vegetables and the boxes will be sold for a lower price to help ensure customers have access to affordable, nutritious food amid the cost-of-living cri...
LloydsPharmacy is pulling out of 237 pharmacy sites currently located within Sainsbury’s supermarkets just seven years after buying the instore services for £125 million. Lloyds has said it is cutting them following a strategic review which it launched “in response to changing market conditions”. Closures will be confirmed on a “branch-by-branch” basis, with the process expected to be complete th...
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