S Group tests blockchain technology

Date : 31 August 2018

Finland-based cooperative S Group has begun testing its new 'Pike-perch radar' solution, based on blockchain technology developed by IBM.

The aim is to increase transparency in the food chain and provide consumers with traceable information.

Using the IBM Food Trust platform

Blockchain technology, relatively new within the food retail business, is being tested on the Finnish fish chain via the Pike-perch radar solution.

The Pike-perch radar harnesses information from when the fish is caught to when it is stocked on the store shelf, speeding up the transfer of information between key actors within the food chain.

S Group is among the first in Europe to use the IBM Food Trust platform, set on improving transparency and accountability in food production by connecting information from actors within the supply chain.

Tomi Lehikoinen, Client Executive, Retail Industry at IBM, commented "Pike-perch radar is the first blockchain solution operating on the IBM Food Trust platform to trace the origin of fish. This radar will be a pioneer in changing the food chain into becoming more transparent".

Traceability within the fish chain

The Finnish fish chain was selected for testing as there are statutory requirements for its traceability.

Via the Pike-perch radar, consumers can trace the fish to the lake it came from via a QR code located on the packaging or through a dedicated website.

Senja Forsman, Senior Compliance Manager for S Group, said "Pike-perch radar is a pioneer in promoting transparency. In the future, in addition to finding out where the fish was caught, the customer will know who caught the fish their fillets came from".

Blockchain can help to create a safer, more transparent food system. This leads to better decisions for suppliers, proven provenance for products and greater consumer confidence.

Commenting on blockchain technology, Forsman said "We see a lot of potential in blockchain technology, because the idea of sharing information between different blocks and the reliability of information matches really well with increasing and ensuring the processes in the food chain".

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