S Group: start-ups and MobilePay

Date : 04 December 2018

We look at how Finland-based S Group is helping food technology start-ups and expanding its MobilePay service.

S Group launches new start-up programme…

S Group has partnered with start-up accelerator the Founder Institute to create a new start-up programme based in Helsinki. More widely, the Founder Institute has created over 3,300 start-ups in 180 different cities, although this is the first time it will focus on the food chain specifically.

How will the programme work?

The new programme will start at the beginning of 2019 and last 13 weeks with applications open until the 16th December this year.

The programme will specialise in developing the food chain and involves leading Finnish and international entrepreneurs and researchers. Participating start-ups will receive support from several successful start-up entrepreneurs and experts from leading companies. They will also have access to the Founder Institute’s network of global investors and advisors. The programme is part of the Global Centre of Excellence for Food Start-ups, which aims to build up 20 start-ups in 2019.

S Group's retail business manager, Ilkka Alarotu, commented, “Creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation and international growth is key to securing the future of Finnish agriculture and the food industry. As the largest Finnish food vendor in Finland, we want to be involved in helping Finnish start-ups for foodstuffs to grow into global success stories”.

…and expands its MobilePay service

In other news, S Group has announced plans to expand the MobilePay service to all grocery stores by March 2019. The service is currently available in 60 Prisma, S-Market and other stores.

To benefit, customers must identify themselves as S Group customers in the MobilePay app and choose S-Etukortti Visa as a payment card to receive loyal shopper rewards. The app then stores identification and purchase information and offers electronic receipts. CFO Jari Annala said, “We are constantly looking for new ways to further facilitate people's lives”.