S Group gives customers access to shopping habits

Date : 09 October 2018

Finland-based S Group has decided to give its customers access to their shopping history, with a new ‘My Purchases’ service.

An evolution of loyalty programme

S Group will use data from its loyalty programme to make the data available. The retailer’s loyalty programme is used by 3.7 million shoppers in Finland out of a population of 5.5 million.

Director Veli-Pekka Ääri said, ‘We initially changed the paper receipts to electronic receipts - now we are waking up the receipt of the receipts. Shopping is no longer just a line of checks, but we can provide a look at what the euros used to buy really cost. Many believe that they will buy more lettuce than chocolate, but the truth that reveals the data may surprise’.

Customers will have increased control over data

Customers will be able to discover what, when and where they have purchased over the last twelve months. S Group will also increase customers’ control over their data.

Functionality may appeal to younger shoppers in particular…

Ääri, commented, ‘Especially for our younger customers the opportunity to track their own consumption can be a crucially important reason to use our green (bonus) card, even more important than the bonus itself’.

…As well as those with specific motivations in the future

Ääri further continued, ‘If the customer wants to increase the consumption of vegetables, reduce the number of plastic bags they buy or favour domestic products, we will provide further assistance in the future’.

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