S Group CEO Kuisma Niemelä resigns

Date : 18 September 2013

Kuisma Niemelä has resigned from his position as CEO of S Group.

Retailer seeks CEO to execute new strategy

Having been appointed as CEO of S Group in 2010, Kuisma Neimelä has resigned from his position. His resignation has been accepted by the Supervisory Board of S Group. Explaining the reasoning behind his resignation, Niemelä commented:

“International operators in the consumer goods trade are powerfully challenging Finnish operators... We have been working on a new strategy in S Group to meet these new challenges, and we need someone new to execute that.”

Hunt for new CEO underway

Matti Pikkarainen, Supervisory Board Chairman of S Group commented:
"It is admirable that this experienced, competent corporate executive is brave enough to make this kind of decision. Recent years in S Group have been filled with work and it is surely quite stressful indeed. We have already gone through several extensive changes and successfully expanded our business in the neighbouring regions, but we are still facing massive changes."

He further advised that the search for a new CEO is already underway. Meanwhile, Antti Sippola, S Group’s Business Director, will be acting CEO for the retailer.