Rewe continues to grow in 2019

Keshia Beadle
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 30 April 2020

Rewe has reported its sales for 2019, with total revenue growing to €62.7bn, up from €61.2bn in 2018.

Independent food retailers report strong growth

Rewe said its retailers in Germany saw growth of 9.1% in 2019, driving the overall positive growth and growing faster than its other groups. Store numbers increased by 92 to 1,810, up from 1,718 in 2018. Rewe continues to focus on its independent retailers and expansion in this area.

Full range stores see steady gains

In Germany, full range stores which include Rewe, Rewe Center and Rewe to Go banners, saw sales grow by 3.2% to €24.5bn. The 2020 concept has been rolled out and has been successful in meeting the needs of shoppers. Internationally, full range store sales grew by 8.2% (7.9% when adjusted for currency effects) to €10.2bn and this includes operations in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Particularly strong growth was seen in Central and Eastern Europe, with Billa and Iki Lithuania together growing by 20.4% to €3.7bn.

Discount growth strong internationally

In Germany, discount banner Penny saw sales grow by 0.1% to €7.6bn. This demonstrates slower growth than in the past. However internationally, Penny grew by 6% (6.7% when adjusted for currency effects) to €5.1bn. These international stores are in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Romania.

Rewe has also announced that it is continuing to look for acquisition opportunities, following the purchase of wholesale business Lekkerland in 2019. With the full effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still unknown, this shows the confidence that Rewe has in its current position and demonstrates its continued drive for growth.

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