Rewe announces structure for new convenience division

Date : 16 December 2019

Following its acquisition of Lekkerland earlier this year, Rewe has announced the management structure for the newly formed convenience department.

Chief executive will continue to lead

Lekkerland's former chief executive, Patrick Steppe, will head up the management of the new organisation and will report directly into Rewe's CEO, Lionel Souque. He will be responsible for the new convenience division, combining the strengths of Rewe and Lekkerland to grow the business further. Hilmar Hübers has been appointed as the chief operating officer of the new organisation, and will be responsible for buying, category management, digital business development and IT. He is currently a board member of commerce for Rewe, responsible for the customer and analytics department. These changes will be effective from January 1st 2020 and March 1st 2020 respectively.

Focus on convenience

With Rewe looking to increase its share of the growing convenience market, its purchase of Lekkerland aims to help boost sales in this area. Wholesaler Lekkerland supplies products to a number of convenience operators, including petrol stations, restaurants and bakeries, across seven European countries. The German market has seen an increase in the trend for on-the-go consumption and this is expected to accelerate in the future. Rewe has already been expanding its convenience business, as well as growing its convenience ranges. The expertise and specialised knowledge of Lekkerland is expected to help Rewe build its convenience capabilities further. With the supermarket sector in Germany relatively saturated, this acquisition helps Rewe to grow in other ways.

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