Poundland temporary store closures

Date : 11 January 2021

Lucy Ingram

Retail Analyst

Despite being an essential retailer, Poundland will once again be temporarily closing some of its stores as a result of the current lockdown.

Reduced footfall leads to 'temporary hibernation' of 44 stores

Poundland has put 44 stores into 'temporary hibernation', according to The Grocer. Stores closed on 8th January. Poundland has not given a date for when the stores will reopen, due to the uncertainty surrounding when the recent increased restrictions will end.

The closures are due to the reduced footfall seen in some shopping centres and high street locations.

The retailer's other 800 stores will remain operating as usual.

During the first lockdown in April, Poundland closed 130 stores, re-opening them gradually throughout May.

Shoppers are currently focusing on doing one-off, larger shops due to lockdown restrictions. This is a challenge for the variety discounter as we know from our most recent ShopperVista research that snacking categories are the most common destination categories for Poundland shoppers. Under the current circumstances, shoppers may not be adding in a separate visit to a Poundland store for this, which will have a negative impact on performance. ShopperVista subscribers can read more about this in the Destination categories in variety discounters report.

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