Pharmacy Chain 36.6 to boost private label

Date : 18 February 2013

The Russian pharmacy chain has announced full year results for 2012 and outlined plans for the coming year.

Sales reach RUB 14,899m

Unaudited results show that the retailer generated sales of RUB 14,899m in 2012, which represents a 3% increase in year-on-year terms. At the end of the year, Pharmacy Chain 36.6 operated 842 stores across 24 regions in Russia, having opened 49 stores over the year and closed 212.

Private label performing well

Pharmacy Chain 36.6 own label sales increased by 48% to RUB 2,983m in year-on-year terms, which accounts for 18% of total retail pharmacy sales, an increase of 5%. The retailer has stated that by 2016, it intends to increase this share further to 30%.

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