NTUC FairPrice takes online to the next level

Date : 29 March 2018

Singapore's largest supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice has launched a refreshed ecommerce platform called FairPrice On. The new platform provides an elevated user experience and uses robots to fulfil online orders. 

Enhanced customer engagement

The revamped online portal and mobile app will provide a more intuitive experience for shoppers. For example, shoppers will find it easier to find products, choose a delivery slot and make payment. FairPrice On offers over 13,000 products and has over 400,000 subscribers. The platform will use data analytics to send targeted personalised communication based on their profile, interest and shopping habits.

Automated fulfilment system

Robots will help fill orders at AutoStore, an automatic storage and retrieval system at NTUC Hub. It uses robotics to provide high density storage and computerised retrieval. The AutoStore can handle 3,000 orders a day, working four times faster than the old manual picking method.

NTUC FairPrice CEO Seah Kian Ping said, “This system is like a huge vending machine that is able to automatically store and dispense thousands of products. We are able to pick up to 220 products per hour, compared to about 50 products per hour via the traditional picking method."

Source: NTUC FairPrice

Get SCORE for free delivery

The retailer and ride-sharing platform Grab have launched a subscription programmed that offers rebates and discounts for consumers who pay an annual fee. Members of SCORE subscription programme can enjoy one free FairPrice On delivery a month. Other benefits include rebates on purchases above SGD100 (US$76), membership to NTUC’s Warehouse Club and 1,000 Linkpoints for new subscribers. They will also receive discounts and special members only access to Grab events.

Shop and Donate

Shoppers can donate groceries directly to their beneficiary of choice through FairPrice On. The website shows the groceries that each organisation needs, shoppers can then choose the items they wish to pay for and add to their cart. Delivery fee for the donation is waived.

What do we think?

NTUC FairPrice is one of the first supermarkets to launch an online store in 2002 in Singapore. We believe that there are huge opportunities for the retailer as the growth will continue to build momentum. Retailers investing in improved online shopping experience, more personalised offers and robotics are in great positions to make online grocery channel work for them.

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Tan Soo Eng, Senior Research Manager, IGD Singapore
Based in Singapore, Soo Eng focuses on the role of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Asian grocery market.