NorgesGruppen store visits


Norwegian discounter Kiwi has just opened one of the most sustainable stores in the world and aims at setting new standards. This is a must-see to understand what the discount store of the future could look like.
We recently visited NorgesGruppen-owned Meny CC Vest in Oslo, Norway. The store provides great examples of best-in-class service counter execution, fresh food solutions and food waste reduction initiatives. It combines these elements to create a destination experience and drive differentiation.
We visited Jacobs Holtet, operated by NorgesGruppen, while on a research trip in Oslo, Norway. We were impressed with how the retailer has created an exciting and memorable experience through its unique category designs.
We visited SPAR Snarøya in Norway to see how the retailer has created an impressive, environmentally-friendly format with inspiring in-store sustainable practises.
We've been in Oslo to see how leading retailers are investing in format development, ranges and in-store marketing to meet shopper needs and reflect local trends.
The best stores we've visited over the last year.
Learn how Deli de Luca and Esso are challenging the status quo in forecourt retailing, blurring food to go and foodservice in a winning environment.
We have created this report to bring you a collection of stand-out discount stores from across the globe. Read on to discover why you must see these stores and how the discount channel is becoming more competitive than ever.
We spent a day with NorgesGruppen visiting new concepts from its supermarket banners MENY and SPAR, where we appreciated category excellence, how the retailer demonstrating value and its in-store developed private label range.
We spent time with Norwegian market leader NorgesGruppen visiting a newly opened KIWI store in Oslo, where we appreciated how the discounter is evolving to maximise appeal, targeting new shopper groups in this upmarket location.