Nisa retailers buy into Co-op's own label

Date : 28 June 2018

Nisa retailers are now able to place orders for Co-op’s range of own label products. The range will gradually be made available to independent stores over the next few weeks.

Phased roll-out

Co-op will make the own label range available in four phases:

  1. The first 49 products can be ordered from next week
  2. Another 350 from mid-July
  3. A further 350 in September
  4. The final products in November, bringing the total to 800 products

Products in the first phase include those from key snacking and ready meal categories such as Co-op’s own label pizzas, soft drinks, crisps, snacks and biscuits.  Retailers were given details of which products where being made available during each phase at recent Nisa Roadshows and are working with Nisa to plan which products suit their stores.

Co-op moving quickly to develop potential of Nisa takeover

The CMA gave the go-ahead for Co-op's takeover of Nisa in April this year.  In May, on the day the deal was given final legal recognition, Co-op annonced the appointment of former Tesco senior executive Ken Towle  as Chief Executive of the Nisa subsidiary with immediate effect.

At the time of the announcement, Jo Whitfield, Co-op Retail CEO said the partnership between the two companies would allow Nisa retailers to access "award-winning Co-op own brand products...benefitting from competitive prices and promotions".  Just six weeks later, the rollout of the initial batch of Co-op own label products marks the first step in the activation of this plan, demonstrating that Co-op want to move quickly to realise the potential of their move into the convenience wholesale market.

Nisa at IGD Convenience Retailing Summit 2018

As Nisa enters a critical new phase in its evolution, Ken Towle, the new CEO, will share how the relationship with Co-op will bring new standards and best practice disciplines to 3,000 independent stores.


IGD Convenience Retailing Summit 2018


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