Ireland: new restrictions on alcohol promotions

Date : 15 January 2021

Lucy Ingram

Retail Analyst

We take a detailed look at the new restrictions on alcohol promotions in Irish supermarkets that came into force this week.

Reducing alcohol consumption by reducing promotional activity

There are three new measures that will have an impact of grocery retailers;

  1. Retailers are banned from selling alcohol at a reduced price on the basis of the purchase of another product or service. This means multi-buy deals such as 'buy six bottles for €50' are prohibited. Discounts on individual bottles are still allowed.
  2. Offering loyalty points on alcohol sales is no longer allowed.
  3. Alcohol can only be displayed and advertised using one of the following three options:
  • A separate area of the shop separated by a physical barrier which has a minimum height of not less than 1.2 metres and through which alcohol and advertisements for alcohol are not visible
  • Enclosed adjacent storage units on the shop floor in which the products are not visible up to a minimum height of 1.5 metres
  • A maximum of three adjacent units, each of 1-metre width and 2.2 metres high

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