Four takeaways from Spanish online and expansion plans

Date : 01 March 2021

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

Condis plans to open its warehouse to improve its online store, Condisline, while Aldi has announced expansion plans for 2021, expecting to double the number of stores it added in 2020. Meanwhile, Mercadona continues to embed its sustainability strategy and Uvesco has revealed its 2020 full year results and set out its 2021 strategy.

Condis boost its online platform

Condis has opened a 5,000 sq. m fulfilment centre in Montcada i Reixac. The retailer invested €1m to use the warehouse as it looks to optimise its online channel and restructure its logistic assets.

Condis revealed due to COVID-19 its online channel grew and it has since been trying to meet customer demand for the service. The group made the decision to stop offering new accounts to enable it to provide a quality service for existing Condisline shoppers.

The retailer also said it expects to end 2020 with a revenue of €890m, a 13.6% increase on 2019. Growth was supported the opening of 73 new stores in Catalonia and Madrid.

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Aldi’s 2021 expansion plan

Aldi plans to open 40 stores in Spain during 2021, almost double the number it added in 2020. The retailer ended 2020 operating 328 stores, the majority of which are in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville.

Aldi Spain’s CEO, Valentín Lumbreras, said the retailer opened 23 stores in 2020 and ‘wants to continue to be close to customers and offer them a simple, complete and safe purchase, maintaining our quality standards and always at the best price. Throughout 2020 we have guaranteed low prices for our customers and we want this to continue in 2021’.

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Mercadona improving its self-consumption

Mercadona is investing €3.4m to reduce its electricity consumption at 38 stores in 2021. The investment aims to introduce more solar panels to stores. So far, the retailer has placed 1,400 panels at eight stores in Spain and Portugal.

Mercadona claims it plans to reduce electric consumption by 15%, which will save it €600,000. Other initiatives include the roll out of a more sustainable fleet, a reduction in the use of plastics, an increase in recycling and the use of an environmental management system.

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Uvesco’s postive 2020 results

Group Uvesco announced its 2020 full year results. In the year it generated a turnover of €954m, an increase of 23% versus 2019. Uvesco plans to focus on four main strategies during 2021. These include ensuring the personal safety of staff and shoppers, committing to local products, increasing the digitisation of stores to improve shoppers’ experience and investing in stores and renovations.  

The online channel remains a priority going into 2021. Although demand has stabilised, Uvesco’s CEO, José Ramón Fernández de Barrena, claims the group will be ‘improving navigation, expanding delivery areas and improving services’ to make its offer more attractive to shoppers.


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