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One of the most common questions I get asked by businesses, is how will my market develop over the next few years. While there remains uncertainty over what the next 12 months will look like, there is a strong sense of optimism that 2021 will be a year to rebuild, but also capitalise on the opportunities that have arisen in the ‘new normal’ across Asia. With this in mind, we have identified five new themes that we expect to shape the Asian market and influence retail strategy in 2021 and beyond...

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To lure shoppers back, South Korea’s department store operators are converting store spaces into art galleries. An innovative initiative to differentiate and drive footfall The country’s leading department store chains all suffered greatly since the outbreak of the pandemic, with sharply declined sales and depleting footfall. To differentiate and win shoppers back, all major operators ar...
The leading retailer's ecommerce platform,, will launch new market service in December, in direct competition with Coupang. Host small dealers to increase online SKUs Currently sells products directly purchased from suppliers or partners. The 10m products that it carries only account for 10% of SKUs on an average online marketplace. By hosting smaller dealers on its pla...
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the variety of new services being offered at South Korean convenience stores is growing fast. Convenience stores as new centre of everyday life As consumers are not going far from their homes, services offered by convenience stores are gaining popularity. CU has noticed that from July to September: The use of its parcel delivery service was up ...
Lancôme has teamed up with Lotte to launch a smart store concept, known as Lancôme x Lotte Duty Free Smart Store, at Lotte Duty Free’s shop in Myeongdong, Seoul. A fully integrated physical and digital experience The store occupies a 520sq m space and offers unique shopping experience: Augmented reality makeup try-on service : ModiFace, Lancôme’s virtual try-on tool, uses refined ...

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