Lidl store visits


We have created this report to bring you a collection of stand-out discount stores from across the globe. Read on to discover why you must see these stores and how the discount channel is becoming more competitive than ever.
This newly refurbished store is an example of Lidl Spain’s larger store of the future format, incorporating eco-friendly features and stand-out categories.

Lidl announced its ‘store of the future’ concept in November 2015. Days later, the discounter opened the first of its new-look stores in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

We visited three Lidl stores in high footfall locations within Hamburg’s city centre to see how the discounter is evolving ranges in its home country to meet more shoppers needs.
We go in-store at Lidl to see how the discounter is developing more supermarket characteristics in Spain.
We've been in-store to see how Lidl is changing its approach in its domestic market.
Konzum has refurbished its stores and invested into private label product development, while Metro Group’s Metro Cash&Carry has launched e-commerce and Lidl has clearly pursued its format strategy towards a supermarket concept. See their latest innovation in this report.
Lidl has been testing a new store concept in the basement of a department store in Cologne high street. The Lidl City store has a premium look and includes an impressive fresh bakery section and high penetration of organic (BIO) ranges, while merchandising in the health & beauty section indicates that Lidl has beauty products on the radar.
Lidl’s discount store concept is blurring with the supermarket concept in Central and Eastern Europe. This report shows how Lidl tailored its store concept to local shoppers in the Czech Republic.