Lidl: investing to improve payment solutions

Date : 16 April 2019

As part of its ongoing strategy of improving the experience it offers shoppers, Lidl is investing in different payment solutions across countries in Europe. These include scan and go and self-checkouts.

Reducing queuing times in Paris

Lidl is testing, in one of its stores in Paris, a scan and go app, called SHOP&GO, to cut queuing time at tills. The app is already in use in Portugal and if successful will be extended to more stores in France. We visited the store in Avenue du Maine in Paris where it is being tested.

The app is available on any smartphone. Once downloaded, shoppers need to select the store and connect to its wifi to start scanning their products:

Source: IGD Research

Once the barcode is generated, it can be scanned at any of the self-checkout tills by selecting the SHOP&GO option. The shopping basket appears on the screen and shoppers can then proceed to payment.

Source: IGD Research

Overall the app works well and is easy to use. Communication about the new payment solution, in store, is limited, so its awareness amongst shoppers is limited. But once acquired by shoppers it will be a way for city centre stores to tackle the issue of long queuing times at tills.

Introducing mobile payment in Portugal

Lidl has introduced in its 250 stores a mobile payment solution to facilitate payment for its shoppers. The MB Way app is also used by other retailers in Portugal and shows how Lidl is willing to offer the same level of service to its shoppers.

Investing in faster payment solutions in Belgium and Poland

In February 2019, we visited a store in Leuven in Belgium, where Lidl is testing self checkouts for the first time in the country. According to the store’s staff, the solution has been positively received by shoppers. If successful, it could be added to more stores.

Source: IGD Research

In the meantime, in Poland, Lidl has announced a trial with self-checkouts in several stores. Lidl will assess the efficiency and shopper acceptance of the solution before a potential roll out to more stores.

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