Lidl: initiatives in Iberia

Date : 31 May 2018

Lidl to invest €100m in Portugal 2018, whilst in Spain, Lidl furthers its sustainable programme by eliminating plastic bags.

Investment in Portugal

According to Hipersuper, Lidl Portugal will split its investment between opening new stores and remodelling exiting ones. €20m of the €100m will be spent on the modernisation of the Torres Novas warehouse. The warehouse will be extended by 10,000 sq m.

€70m will also be invested over three years to build a new warehouse of 50,000 sq m. This will replace the Famalicão warehouse and should be operational by 2020.

Reducing plastics in Iberia

In Portugal and Spain Lidl aims to reduce plastic consumption by at least 20% by 2025. Furthermore, it will ensure that all plastic used in its private label products is 100% recyclable by 2025. This effort is part of Lidl’s sustainability strategy.

Lidl will achieve this through adapting the packaging of its private label ranges, which represent 80% to 90% of the products it stocks. Measures like reducing plastic packaging, using more sustainable alternatives, and selling unpackaged/bulk items will be used.

In Spain, Lidl will eliminate plastic bags by the end of 2018 . The initiative was rolled out first in Lidl’s Balearic Island stores from May 2018 and will continue to be rolled out nationwide throughout the year.

The campaign is being advertised on, as the company seeks to promote its sustainable vision.

These plastic reducing initiatives fit into the European strategy for plastics, presented by the European Commission at the beginning of 2018 – by 2030 all plastic should be recyclable or reusable. Lidl’s engagement with circular economy principles aligns with the European Commission’s plan for circular solutions, particularly when considering the entire lifecycle of plastics.

Source: Lidl

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