A.S. Watson and Generation Z

Date : 22 August 2019

A.S. Watson has shared insights on some of the key shopper preferences of Generation Z customers around the world.

Bricks-and-mortar no.1 for Gen Z

Generation Z (Gen Z) were born between 1995 and 2009. They are the first generation born into a digital world and are influential in driving many of the latest retail trends around the world. Despite spending a lot of screen time, ASW’s customer insight shows that 99% Gen Z shop offline, and they like shopping in “destination stores” – stores in shopping malls and city centres.

In-store engagement essential

Gen Z often prefer in-store shopping and enjoy the social aspects of browsing and shopping at bricks-and-mortar stores with their friends. Digital activation in-store through the introduction of AR and AI and experiences through apps and social media have all helped ASW connect with Gen Z shoppers.

Sustainability another focus area for Gen Z customers

Since 2014, A.S. Watson Group banned the use of microplastic in its rinse-off own brand cosmetics or personal care scrub products. By the end of this year, this ban will extend to all brands too, meaning no microplastic will be found in any rinse-off cosmetics or personal care products sold in its stores.

Gen Z a key growth driver for A.S. Watson

Malina Ngai, A.S. Watson Group’s COO, said, “Generation Z is shaping up to have great spending power and they are the future of modern retail […] it’s important to stay relevant to them, not only focusing on the products they want, but also the stories and experiences that go with them.”

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