Kroger partners for private label recycling programme

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 04 August 2020

Kroger is partnering with TerraCycle to enable customers to recycle more than 300 products from its Simple Truth brand.

Enabling recycling of flexible packaging

The companies are partnering to develop a new national platform. It will enable customers to recycle a range of flexible packaging not currently accepted in curbside recycling programmes. This includes produce and bread bags and plastic over-wrap from products such as tissues and bottled waters.

Source: Kroger

Supporting its Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision

The initiative supports Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision and is the first major retailer to offer a free recycling programme for its private label products. By the end of 2019, the retailer reduced the amount of plastic resin in its private label packaging by 10.1m pounds, achieving its goal ahead of schedule. It remains committed to reducing unnecessary packaging, focused on reusing where it can and working towards more sustainable packaging across its private-label portfolio.

How it works

Customers can sign-up for the programme at, ship the packaging for free to TerraCycle and earn points for every pound of eligible packaging sent. These points can be redeemed as chairtable donations to non-profit organisations and schools . Earlier this year, Kroger was one of several retailers to partner with TerraCycle for its Loop, circular online shopping platform.

Scope to expand to national brands

This programme could be further enhanced in the future to include Kroger's full portfolio of private brands and potentially expanded to include national brands. However, it will be important that the process remains easy and simple for consumers to drive take-up. Differing state and county recycling capabilities can often cause confusion around what types of packaging can be recycled. The rewards element is likely to encourage schools to get involved in the programme, helping them to fundraise while also educating on the topic of sustainability. 

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