Kroger optimising AI to improve the checkout experience

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 21 September 2020

Kroger is partnering with Everseen, a leading AI-based vision technology firm, to monitor checkout and self-scan areas in-store.

Identifying unusual scanning movements

Located in Cork, Ireland, Everseen’s system helps retailers monitor customer behaviour, helping to identify missed items or products which may have been scanned incorrectly. Overhead cameras help to compare customer baskets with scanning data and identify unusual scanning movements. Any potential issues are flagged to checkout teams within the store. Kroger started to install the technology earlier this year, with plans to deploy it across the store network. Walmart started working with Everseen last year.

Source: IGD Research

Reducing costs and improving the customer experience

Technologies such as this are becoming an important element as retailers accelerate the roll-out of self-checkouts, driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. While self-checkouts provide retailers with an opportunity to reduce costs, they can also potentially be a source of shrinkage. This technology can also enhance the overall customer experience through enabling faster scan rates and lower incidents of customer errors, which often require store intervention to resolve.

Front-end innovation

The checkout area continues to see a high degree of innovation, with several new initiatives launched over the last few months. These include Circle K’s partnership with Standard Cognition, the launch of the Amazon Dash Cart and Giant Eagle’s pilot with Grabango. Walmart is also piloting a new-look checkout area in its first test of a cashier-less model within its Supercenter format. We expect this to be an on-going area of focus as retailers look to create more contactless solutions, seek out operational cost savings and create an enhanced in-store experience.

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