Ecommerce in Europe: four developments in the region

Date : 18 January 2021

Rachel Sibson

Retail Analyst

As Netherlands-based Picnic enjoyed a doubling in turnover in 2019 and Farmy tripled its sales in 2020, we look at four developments in the online channel across Europe.

Farmy tripled its turnover in 2020

Farmy, an online grocery specialist that only sells regional and organic products from more than 1,200 authentic producers in Switzerland, has reported growth of 170%, to CHF26m (US$29.2m). The company benefited from strong local ‘demand for secure and contactless eFood solutions’. Farmy highlighted the work it did to ensure ‘supply to high-risk groups in particular with separate delivery capacities’. In 2020 it added more than 2,000 new products from more than 200 new producers. Following the addition of the new products, Farmy said 72% of its range is made up fresh products, while 70% of the range is certified organic products.

Konzum launches service with Uber

Konzum has made its products available through Uber, enabling shoppers in Zagreb and its surroundings and six other cities, to have its products delivered by Uber. Konzum’s online shoppers will be able to select the Partner Delivery service and then select their delivery location. When selecting Uber shoppers will need to be aware the service will be slightly different to that offered by its own delivery staff, due to Uber drivers doing the picking and not having visibility to real time stock availability. A minimum order size of HRK200 (US$32) is required for choosing delivery by Uber, while a delivery fee of HRK30 (US$4.80) is charged whatever the size of the order.

Picnic generated turnover of €232.8m in 2019

Netherlands-based financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad has reported that pure online retailer Picnic’s most recent accounts filing shows that its turnover almost doubled in 2019 to €232.8m, up from €117m in 2018. However, the accounts showed that Picnic generated a loss of €44m during the year, up from €36.7m, as it invested to expand its coverage, in its delivery vehicles and other items. Its 2020 results are likely to show strong growth once more, with COVID-19 related restrictions leading to an upswing in online purchasing in the country. Announcing its 2020 results Coop Netherlands reported that the online channel grew by 50% in the year. Picnic is likely to have outperformed the market, which could have led to its turnover doubling again.

Maxima to launch Barbora in Poland

Maxima Grupe has announced it will launch the Barbora online brand in Poland, following the successful expansion into Latvia and Estonia in 2018. The company has said Barbora will be launched initially in Warsaw, with the city likely to remain the focus for its development in the short term. Maxima said it sees a lot of potential for the growth of ecommerce in Poland.

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