Kaufland’s new interim CEO and loyalty programme

Date : 28 March 2019

Kaufland’s latest developments in the first quarter of 2019 include the appointment of a new interim CEO, rumours it could purchase 100 Real hypermarkets and in Romania a new loyalty programme and cosmetics shop-in-shop concept.

Kaufland has new interim CEO

Kaufland’s parent company, Schwarz Group, selected Klaus Gehrig as a temporary CEO following the departure of Patrick Kaudewitz, who has led it since 2015. Gehrig will lead Kaufland until a permanent replacement is selected.

Gehrig states interest in Metro’s Real hypermarkets

In March 2019, Gehrig said Schwarz Group could acquire around 100 out of the 280-plus Real hypermarkets from Metro. He stressed store locations will be the key factor to the number of stores eventually acquired. The acquisition will further solidify Kaufland’s position as the leading hypermarket operator in Germany.

Kaufland Romania launches a loyalty programme

The retailer launched its first loyalty programme and gives shoppers the option of a physical card and/or a mobile app. Members are currently rewarded with discounts and redeemable points across the whole network. Later in 2019, the programme will offer members personalised promotions, and they will be able to combine them with on-shelf discounts.

Source: IGD Research, Kaufland

Kaufland adds cosmetics shop-in-shop to flagship store in Romania

In February 2019, Kaufland added an area that only sells cosmetics to its flagship store in Bucharest. It is named K Beauty, it has its own checkout till, and has 13 sq. m. of space that offers 800 SKUs of cosmetics and perfume brands that include L'Oréal and Calvin Klein. It also provides shoppers with services like a make-up consultant for a more personalised offer.

Source: IGD Research

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