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A guide to the retailer and its operations today. Updated twice yearly to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must see stores.

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See data on the retailer’s performance and forecasts for its operations by channel.

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Kaufland is building a more relevant offer for shoppers, which differentiates it from rivals, while maintaining control of costs and driving efficiency. In this report we look at its key strategic aims and the strategies being rolled out in its top four markets.

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A guide to Germany’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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We recently visited Germany’s capital on a research trip; with almost 50 stores seen, here are our six main takeaways, as well as a shout-out to our favourite stores 

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The German retail group posted sales of €154.1 bn for FY 2022, with Lidl and Kaufland seeing double digit growth Price management and innovative assortment leads to sales growth Schwarz Group saw its sales increase by +15.4% for FY 2022, calling out its ability to win new shoppers through its value and product offer. Lidl sales increased by +13.8%, to reach €114.8 bn and Kaufland also ex...
German hypermarket retailer Kaufland will add Decathlon sports stores next to five more locations in 2023. Enhancing the shopper experience Following the success of their first partnership in Karlsruhe, Kaufland and Decathlon will be teaming up in five more locations in 2023. The agreement sees Decathlon open stores on Kaufland rental space. Other sites will involve old Real stores, that...
We recently visited a Kaufland store in Zagreb, to see how the German hypermarket retailer is evolving its offer to appeal to Croatian shoppers. Leading with value Thanks to its economies of scale through being part of the Schwartz group, Kaufland can deliver a strong value proposition to shoppers. This is well showcased throughout the store through overhead and shelf edge signage. The f...
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