Jumbo unveils HEMA products in store

Harriet Cohen
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 10 February 2020

Netherlands Jumbo and HEMA have begun their collaboration. Several products in the HEMA range are now available to purchase at Jumbo Foodmarkt in Breda and Tilburg. The first shelf of its kind was revealed at Jumbo Breda in part by Jumbo CEO, Frits van Eerd, and HEMA CEO, Tjeerd Jegen.

HEMA products touchdown in Jumbo

Jumbo makes it easier for customers to shop for a variety of HEMA products such as cookware, fashion, candles, glasses, party items and many more items. For the first time, Jumbo stores will have more than just groceries for shopper’s baskets.

Future expansion

In the next year and a half Jumbo hopes to slowly introduce the HEMA range into all stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, non-food items from HEMA will be available on the Jumbo website beginning in summer 2020. This is only the first step, as Jumbo sets to take over the leases of 17 HEMA store locations, as well as developing six joint stores.

Daily essentials in one place

The collaboration is exciting for many as van Eerd expressed, “The unveiling of the HEMA range at Jumbo Foodmarkt Breda is a milestone in our collaboration with HEMA. It fits in with our strategy to ensure that customers can go to Jumbo for their daily groceries.”