Jumbo adding Hema products in store

Harriet Cohen
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 02 March 2020

As part of their collaboration (read about it here), Jumbo will have Hema products on shelves in 50 supermarkets by summer 2020. The shelves are expected to be in all of Jumbo’s stores in the Netherlands and Belgium in one and a half years from now.

Hema range being extended consistently

New products from Hema’s range are being added to Jumbo stores weekly. In the first week of February, only two stores stocked the products, however that number has since risen to seven.

Non-food products from Hema will be available on Jumbo.com as of spring 2020. All products will be those that Hema excels at, as Jumbo store owner, Sipke Schoonhoven, said, “it is really an addition here, an enrichment of our range. They are also real products that Hema is good at”.

Power of partnerships

As we reported in our global trends 2020 presentation, partnerships are giving retailers more power. Partnerships help enable retailers to expand quickly, gain insight, and access new channels. Jumbo and Hema are working together to help position each other for future growth.