ICA invests in Min Doktor

Date : 24 September 2018

ICA’s pharmacy division, Apotek Hjärtat, has invested in Min Doktor, which was established in 2013 to offer online medical care 24-hours a day.

Investment will combine ICA’s Minute Clinic with Min Doktor

The investment will see ICA combine its Apotek Hjärtat Minute Clinic drop in service with Min Doktor’s Swedish operations.

Partnership will see growth in the number of drop-in clinics

ICA currently operates Minute Clinics at eight Apotek Hjärtat pharmacies, four of which are in ICA Maxi stores. As of the end of June 2018, ICA operated 385 ICA Apotek Hjärtat pharmacies across Sweden.

Commenting on future ambitions, Anders Nyberg, CEO of Apotek Hjärtat said, ‘The company will now invest in a large number of drop-in clinics primarily adjacent to larger ICA stores’.

Source: ICA

Deal expected to complete in October 2018

As part of the investment, ICA is contributing SEK 335m (€31.8m), including its Minute Clinic business, valued at SEK 225m (€21.4m). The deal is subject to approval from the local competition authorities and is expected in 2018.

Min Doktor & Minute Clinic popularity doubles in last year

In the last twelve months, the Min Doktor service has been used over 200,000 times, more than double that of the previous year.

Minute Clinic offers vaccinations and healthcare through on-site nurses and online doctors. In the last 12 months, over 100,000 people have visited one of the Minute Clinic’s, an increase of over 100% versus the previous year.

Commenting on the announcement, ICA CEO Per Strömberg said, ‘Minute clinics have become a success in a short period of time … Customers appreciate the ability to get care during weekends and evenings, for example, without having to book a time. With this transaction we see an opportunity to make healthcare services even more accessible, whether it be via a smartphone or in connection with a visit to the grocery store’.

Elsewhere in Europe, other grocery retailers are introduced similar health services in-store. For instance in the UK, Waitrose and Bupa announced an exclusive partnership earlier this year.

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