FamilyMart store visits


See how FamilyMart incorporates technology to overcome demographic challenges and support store operations in Japan
Dongguan is an important industrial city, historically a manufacturing hub for many businesses in China. This report summarises some of the key highlights from stores that we have visited.
We review different retail channels in Osaka, providing inspiration from stores that we have visited.
We visit FamilyMart Nakarokugo, a store that combines leisure, lifestyle and retail in Tokyo's Ota ward in Japan.
Taipei is a hotspot for store innovation. We highlight five ways in which leading retailers are evolving their store formats and explain what this means for you.
We summarise a number of consistent themes from stores in Guangzhou, looking at how retailers are looking to win in this strategic tier 1 city.
Hangzhou is located an hour south east of Shanghai and is the home of Alibaba's global headquarters. In this report, we highlight some of the key trends developing in the city, supported by examples of in-store execution.
FamilyMart's first Fit & GO store in Tokyo's Ota ward provides a glimpse into the future of retail.
FamilyMart is the third largest convenience chain in Thailand, we visited its store at Sukhumvit 33 in Bangkok to see how the retailer is looking to differentiate its offer via unique foodservice solutions and ranges.