Euromadi Spain: aggregate sales hit €17.5 bn

Date : 15 March 2017

Jaime Rodríguez, president and chief executive of Spain-based retailer alliance Euromadi Ibérica, has revealed in an interview with local trade publication infoRETAIL, that its members had a strong 2016. Euromadi Ibérica is itself a member of international retail alliance EMD.

Strategic initiatives and market growth boost performance

Rodríguez said like-for-like sales of Euromadi’s members rose 4.0% in 2016, with the aggregate sales of its members breaching €17.5 bn, versus €13.7 bn in 2015. In volume terms sales rose 15%. He noted how its members had benefited from the macroeconomic conditions in Spain with unemployment, interest rates and inflation all falling during the first three quarters. These factors had a positive impact on shopper confidence, which filtered into spending.

Euromadi positive about 2017

Rodríguez said that Euromadi’s forecasts for 2017 were ‘equally good’, albeit there were uncertainties on a global level that could impact the Spanish economy. He said that the organisation remained focused on delivering against its 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan, which includes 13 initiatives aimed at ‘improving the competitiveness of [its members] in the areas of A-brands, fresh products, core grocery ranges and investments’.

He went on to note that in conjunction with trade bodies FIAB and Promarca, Euromadi was focused on driving continuous innovation with and for its members. Rodríguez said that innovation was key to increasing categories’ value, given the general trend of falling consumption in the country. He said that while private labels played a role in this, it was innovations from manufacturers’ brands that drive category growth.

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