Euromadi expectations for 2018

Date : 08 November 2018

Spain-based buying group Euromadi expects to close 2018 with aggregate sales of €19bn, representing 4% growth from 2017, infoRetail reports.

Optimistic for the Christmas period

General director of Euromadi, Toni Font, said that in the second half of 2018 there has been a slowdown in consumption compared to the first half. However, Font remains positive when looking ahead to the Christmas campaign, with the perfumery and drugstore sector performing well.

In the future Euromadi plans to use innovation and digitalisation as its main strategies for growth. According to the group, innovation will account for 1% of the 4% growth it expects for 2018. Within digitalisation, there are three main areas of focus: Big Data, bidirectional communication, and omnichannel.

The group

There are 137 companies associated to Euromadi, 92 of these in the food channel and 45 in the drugstore channel. The group is in talks to add more partners to its network. Font highlighted the positive contribution Auchan Spain made when it joined the group in 2016.

Euromadi’s current strategy fits within its 2016 to 2020 plan. 18 projects are involved in various categories including private label, logistics, fresh and product reformulation. In keeping with the global health and wellness trend, 1,600 products are being reformulated to reduce fat, salt and sugar.

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