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We highlight five trends that we expect to shape the European grocery retail market over the next 12 months and beyond. 

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Italian retailer Esselunga reported growth of 3.2% in 2022, with profits plummeting due to high inflation and a deliberate decision to lower the cost of products, protecting shoppers’ purchasing power.  

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Finiper-owned, Iper has introduced a new private label range, which claims to deliver high-quality products. Meanwhile, SPAR Italy and Esselunga revealed its 2021 results, both reporting an increase in sales. Separately, Coop Italia plans to increase its private label to support shoppers during this increasingly difficult economic environment.  Iper introduces its ‘Patto Qualità Iper’ private ...
What are Italian retailers doing to stay ahead as they participate in a highly competitive and complex market? Esselunga launched an experimental store concept to increase its Elisenda pastry and bakery range. Separately, Conad announced its investment plans to 2023, while Gruppo Végé set out its plans to extend its store network by 131 stores by the end of 2022. Esselunga experiments with temp...
Italy-based Esselunga announced it aims to plant three million trees by 2030, to showcase its renewed commitment to the environment. Meanwhile, Portugal-based Pingo Doce is encouraging shoppers to bring their own containers to stores and, on 2 August 2021, Lidl added eco-score labels on approximately 100 products. Esselunga set to plant 3m trees by 2030 Esselunga has revealed plans to plant...
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