Eroski’s nutritional labelling scheme rolled out in-store

Date : 09 October 2018

Eroski’s new traffic light system to nutritionally profile foods is being rolled out across its Spanish stores. The ‘Nutri-Score’ label aims to make it easier for shoppers to find healthier foods.

The Nutri-Score system

The system classifies foods into five levels, from a green A, to a red E, based on calories, nutrients and ingredients. A-rated foods have a healthier nutritional profile compared to E-rated foods. All Eroski’s private label products should include the Nutri-Score label by the end of the year. The system has been validated by the EU and approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Source: Eroski

According to the retailer, the label was designed in collaboration with thousands of its clients who supported the new front of pack labelling scheme. Research conducted by the IGD charity suggests that the more familiar and consistent a label format is, the less time and effort is required by shoppers and the more likely they are to use it. Eroski’s Nutri-Score should therefore help shoppers to compare products more easily, and to choose healthier options.

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