Plans to introduce nutrition labelling in Germany

Date : 02 October 2019

The German food minister has backed the NutriScore labelling system and plans to set up a voluntary food labelling scheme within the next year.

Establishing clear health guidelines

Across Europe, there has been an increased focus on combating the obesity crisis, with clearer nutrition labelling highlighted as a key way to help consumers make healthier choices. The NutriScore system originates in France and is being introduced in other countries including Spain and Belgium. There has been an ongoing debate in Germany concerning the nutrition labelling of products and by backing the NutriScore system, food minister Julia Klöckner wants to end the debate and provide a clear action plan for retailers going forward.

A colour coded system

The NutriScore system labels products on a colour scale, from green coloured A (healthier choices) to red coloured E (less healthy). It is an easy to understand system which gives consumers a summary rating in a quick and simple way. For a full understanding of nutritional values, they can then find this in the ingredients list and nutritional table.

Edeka ahead of the game

In August this year, Edeka launched a trial of nutrition labeling, in order to find out how it affects the customer. It is trialling three different systems, including the NutriScore labels, in order to understand the influence they have on consumers buying behavior. The trial is being run for around three months and is being tested at Edeka and Netto, to provide the retailer with the insight needed to develop a consumer led solution.

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