New members for Alidis retail alliance

Date : 06 August 2015

Conad, Colruyt and Coop Schweiz have joined buying group Alidis, a development that leads to the dissolution of the CORE alliance and follows Rewe’s decision to return to Coopernic.

Alidis now has six members

Conad, Colruyt and Coop Schweiz join longstanding Alidis members Edeka, Eroski and Les Mousquetaires (Intermarché). Following their addition the alliance has members with a combined turnover of around €140bn and operations in eight European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Francesco Pugliese, chief executive of Conad, said the move would allow the new members to enhance their private label offer, guarantee lower prices for international brands, and sustain growth prospects in an increasingly competitive European market. Meanwhile, Frans Colruyt, COO Retail at Colruyt Group, said that: “Thanks to the larger purchasing volumes, Colruyt Group will certainly be able to offer the consumer added value. I think of more innovation and variety in the products on offer and an even better price/quality ratio, both for our private labels and for the international brands.”

Collapse of CORE

Conad, Colruyt and Coop Schweiz were members of the CORE alliance, which was established following the previous collapse of Coopernic, due to a disagreement between Leclerc and Rewe. CORE also included Rewe, which had earlier decided to return to Coopernic, alongside Leclerc, Coop Italia and Delhaize.