Germany: 60 second round-up

Date : 16 January 2014

Here we round up some of the latest news across leading retailers in Germany. 

Rewe to rebrand hypermarkets

A lack of revival at Toom has resulted in Rewe announcing that the hypermarket banner will be phased out. The phasing out will take place in three parts in the first quarter of 2014. The Toom banner will be replaced by the Rewe Centre fascia, following a successful trial by the retailer.

Online 'Bringmeister' to end in Düsseldorf

Kaiser's Tengelmann has decided there is little future for its online delivery grocery service, 'Bringmeister' in Düsseldorf. The retailer said shoppers in Germany are reluctant to spend on delivery costs, meaning that its not profitable for the company.  Bringmeister will continue to operate in Munich and Berlin, with a different operation of delivering goods direct from store.

Discounters launch permanent price reductions

Aldi has upped its cost-conscious approach to retailing in Germany by reducing prices of several staple foods permanently, including tea, instant coffee and eggs. Norma and Netto were quick to follow, announcing similar cuts, adding to an already intensely competitive market. 

Metro leading in-store technology as Edeka follows

Using technology by Itab and NCR, two Edeka Nord independents are installing self-checkouts. Unlike other European countries, such as France or the UK, German grocers have to date been reluctant to embrace self-checkouts in-store.  Metro is however one retailer that has been leading the way in Germany, with self-checkouts present in 70 stores. Metro recently reported a "soft" Christmas with its Q1 results announcement. To see more on this story click here.