Germany: 60 second round up

Keshia Beadle
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 05 February 2020

We bring you the latest news from Edeka and Rewe in Germany.

Edeka expanding online through Picnic

Edeka owns a 35% stake in Picnic, an online only retailer. Picnic has been expanding in Germany and will be supplying Düsseldorf and expanding coverage further from the end of February 2020. Its new hub is located in the centre of Düsseldorf and will start with a fleet of six vans and 15 runners, reaching over 180,000 households across the city. Over time, it plans to expand this to 35 vans and 80 runners. Picnic offers free delivery, a 20 minute delivery window and everyday products at competitive prices. For Edeka, the acquisition of a stake in Picnic has enabled it to learn from the dedicated online only grocer and bring these learnings to its own online service. It may also expand its activities with Picnic to additional regions in the future.

Rewe and Greenyard form alliance

Belgian fruit and vegetable supplier Greenyard is forming a new alliance with Rewe called Fresh Solution GmbH. For Greenyard, this means splitting their German division, with Fresh Solution working exclusively for Rewe. Greenyard Fresh Germany will remain responsible for its other German customers. As part of this strategic reorganisation, Christiane Brede, a current area manager of fruit and vegetables at Rewe will leave the retail group to head up the management of Fresh Solution.


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