Germany: 60 second round up

Date : 03 November 2016

We bring you the latest news from Germany's market leaders, Edeka and Rewe.

Edeka launches delivery lockers

Edeka has partnered with Deutsche Bahn, a German railroad operator, to pilot delivery lockers at train stations. The trial will initially be launched in Berlin in February 2017 and will be available in seven stations. Customers will be able to order their groceries online through Edeka's website and pick them up from the lockers. Food will be stored in chilled boxes inside the lockers to keep it fresh.

Innovating in Click & Collect

Edeka is committed to developing online solutions, with multichannel shopping starting to gain traction in Germany. In 2015, the retailer partnered with Emmasbox, a specialist company, to launch a grocery Click & Collect service at Munich airport. This was initially a four month trial, which Edeka had said it would roll out to other high frequency locations if successful.

Rewe to acquire Coop eG group

The Coop eG group operates in Northern Germany and has around 200 outlets under the 'Sky' and 'Plaza' banners. Rewe will acquire the group, which achieved sales in 2015 of more than €1.2bn. Due to anti-competitiveness, Rewe and Coop have agreed to sell 11 outlets to the Bartels Langness Group once the acquisition takes place. Rewe and Coop already had a purchasing co-operation, which had been in place for almost a decade and through which Coop procured up to 70% of its goods. The deal will aim to create synergies and allow continued investment in innovation.