Edeka to deliver groceries straight to customers' fridges

Date : 14 February 2018

Edeka's online supermarket, Bringmeister, is launching a service which will enable groceries to be delivered straight into customers' fridges.

Increased convenience

A new Smart Lock system has been developed by Cary services, allowing time limited access to user's homes using electronic keys. The cost of the lock system is €9.99 a month. In partnership with this, Bringmeister will give customers the option to order groceries online and have them delivered to their house whilst they are out. The delivery drivers will be able to bring groceries into customers' fridges, hallways or cupboards as requested.

Developing the online offer in Germany

Bringmeister became part of the Edeka network in January 2017. Since then, the retailer has been expanding its capabilities in the online channel. With Amazon Fresh launching in Germany in 2017, retailers have started to increase the focus on their online services and begun to accelerate developments. Edeka started offering same day delivery in Berlin in August 2017, expanding this to Munich in December. This means that if customers place an order before 2pm, they can get their groceries delivered in an hour window between 6pm and midnight.