Edeka releases new ‘Supergeil’ commercial

Date : 07 January 2019

German retailer Edeka has released a new TV commercial promoting its latest marketing campaign. The commercial is based on the popular ‘Supergeil’ commercials and markets Edeka’s ‘Supergeile Preise’ (super-cool prices).

Friedrich Liechtenstein is the face of the campaign

German entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein stars in the Supergeil commercials, which went viral after being first released in 2014. Liechtenstein appears again in the new commercial. In the advert he waves around a red paintbrush in an Edeka store, using it to cross out prices.

Source: Edeka

Prize giveaways to support new commercial

Edeka said the campaign explains how Liechtenstein’s wallet is empty after his New Year’s celebrations, leading him to think, “I must probably advertise again”. Alongside the new commercial, Edeka will advertise prize giveaways on its online channels throughout January 2019.

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