Edeka offering wi-fi in-store

Date : 09 August 2013

The Edeka Minden-Hannover region is trialling free wi-fi for customers in its in-store cafes, Lebensmittel Zeitung reports.

Trial due to run until the end of the year

Edeka customers will be able to use wi-fi for free in eight of its supermarket Markt Cafés and Schäfer’s Cafés as part of a trial that will run until the end of 2013. It is being trialled in Bremen, Berlin, Hannover, Hildesheim, Halle, Jena and Dessau. Ralf Hawig, chief executive officer of Schäfer, has said that having wi-fi access for customers is “a must” in order to remain competitive, especially for its younger shoppers.

Multiple benefits

As well as driving traffic to the in-store cafés, the initiative could result in shoppers browsing the Edeka website to find deals and offers before beginning their shop, increasing dwell time in-store and encourage shoppers to use the Edeka App.

Testing 'scan to mobile'

Edeka is following in the footsteps of Coop Schweiz, Walmart and Ahold by trialling the extended shopping app that allows shoppers to scan their shopping on their mobile phones. The software will recognise discounts when shopper scan the items and automatically deduct them from the receipt. They then pay for their items in a self-service checkout.