Edeka launches new format

Date : 14 October 2019

Edeka has launched a dedicated organic format in Hamburg-Altona called Naturkind.

A compelling offer

As well as a range of local and seasonal organic products, there is also a large counter offer including meat, cheese and sausages as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Other features include a salad bar, juicer and a milk filling station. The store stocks around 7,000 products in a 5,000 sq ft space and has been built in a former loading station. With a number of dedicated organic stores already operating in Germany, Edeka hopes that its expertise and knowledge from its core format will help it to provide customers with desirable extra services and attract the growing population of consumers who wish to shop organically.

Ecological consideration

The range includes a number of unpackaged items, in response to the demand for less packaging and a larger focus on sustainability and the environment. Information on how the retailer is reducing its ecological footprint is also provided to customers and transparency around product origins and methods are displayed throughout the store. LED lighting and an advanced heat recovery system help to keep the energy usage low and the store provides e-charging stations for bikes and cars.

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