Edeka increasing Netto online offer

Date : 08 October 2019

Edeka is upping its ecommerce focus and will significantly expand the online offer of its discount banner Netto.

Doubling the available items

Netto currently offers around 1,000 grocery and health and beauty products on its online platform but this will be increased to 2,000. The move means that around 40% of Netto's total grocery assortment will be available online, including a wide range of items such as confectionary, coffee and ready meals. A significant proportion of the offer comprises of its private label products, but select branded products are also available, including some items that are not stocked in stores. The online platform also offers a large range of non-food products including pet food and pet care amongst other categories.

Online market continuing to slowly grow in Germany

The grocery ecommerce market continues to slowly gather pace in Germany, with a number of retailers investing in their online operations and trialling new initiatives. This latest move from Edeka is reflective of that and highlights how in such a discounter driven market, discount forms an integral part of the evolution of online and the strategic direction it takes.

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