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Edeka has launched a dedicated organic format in Hamburg-Altona called Naturkind.

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Edeka is upping its ecommerce focus and will significantly expand the online offer of its discount banner Netto. Doubling the available items Netto currently offers around 1,000 grocery and health and beauty products on its online platform but this will be increased to 2,000. The move means that around 40% of Netto's total grocery assortment will be available online, including a wide range ...
The German food minister has backed the NutriScore labelling system and plans to set up a voluntary food labelling scheme within the next year. Establishing clear health guidelines Across Europe, there has been an increased focus on combating the obesity crisis, with clearer nutrition labelling highlighted as a key way to help consumers make healthier choices. The NutriScore system originat...
As Edeka increases its stake in Picnic Germany and Edeka Nord announces its 2018 results, we round up news from the cooperative. Edeka increases stake in Picnic Germany Edeka Rhein-Ruhr, according to reports in Startup Detector, has raised its stake in Picnic Germany to 35%, from the 20% stake it held previously. Picnic continues to invest in expansion and its operations more widely, as it ...


An essential summary of trading priorities, latest developments, and other key commercial insights for Edeka.
Edeka has introduced a new label it will add to its private label cosmetics products to highlight they are microplastics-free.
A deep-dive in the discount channel in Europe, the largest contributor to grocery market growth in the next five years. A closer look at the top 10 discounters, where they operate, their priorities and latest developments. Understand the strategies and trends influencing this channel.
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We review the outlook for Edeka across all its channels as it looks to bolster its health-focused offering and differentiate its offer through private label innovation. We also look at the retailer's evolving channel strategy and its five year growth prospects.

This in-depth guide to Germany explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

An essential summary of trading priorities, latest developments, and other key commercial insights for Edeka.

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