Ramadan in Singapore

Soo-Eng Tan
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 29 May 2020

Traditionally, Muslims will congregate at mosques for prayers and enjoy the breaking of fasts with friends and families in this period. However, this year, Ramadan is a quiet time of family bonding amid the lockdown in Singapore due to COVID-19. We look at how the key retailers have set up their stores to support Muslim shoppers in this unique season.

Giant Hypermarket

Cakes, cookies and sweets are a major part of Ramadan celebrations. Many specialised cake shops were temporarily shut as they are not classified as essential businesses. Bakeries were only allowed to bake bread even if they normally have cakes available for sale. This drove more consumers to bake at home. Some shoppers had difficulty finding the ingredients for baking due to the increased demand.

Giant has created a dedicated corner for baking supplies to support home bakers. The shelves are stacked closed to entrance, so it is highly visible. There are also some ovens displayed next to these flexible shelving units, which might help attract some first-time bakers.

Source: IGD Research


FairPrice Supermarket

FairPrice announced an expansion of Halal-certified products available to serve its Muslim shoppers in the Ramadan period. Besides an expanded range of existing brands, new brands have been sourced from various countries. With the new addition, the retailer carries more than 5,700 Halal-certified products from Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. 

We visited the Woodlands store and observed increased space allocated to Halal products. Besides basic spices, more ready-to-eat brands and quick cooking aid ranges have been added. This will help small families and those who cook less frequently.

Source: IGD Research


Eccellente by Hao Mart

We visited the premium format by Hao Mart in a shopping mall. This store has a halal-certified bakery in-store and closed fridges for halal products. It decorated some of its shelves and filled them with popular items for Ramadan. It ran a buy one get one free promotion on Ramadan cookies in the Kinex store. Besides cookies, soft drinks and dates were displayed together to encourage purchase.   

Source: IGD Research