Healthy eating is back after Chinese New Year

Date : 03 March 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

Now that the Chinese New Year festivities are over, retailers and suppliers have started to shift their campaigns to clean and healthy eating.  The timing is appropriate as shoppers would usually look for guilt-free offerings after indulging with a lot of food over the holidays.

Cold Storage Singapore: Eat Wholesome, Live Better

Cold Storage has recognised that people are looking to make changes in their diet after weeks of indulgence.  Hence, as soon as the end of Chinese New Year, it has launched the Eat Wholesome, Live Better campaign that allows shoppers to save up to 41% when they purchase healthy items from February 25 to March 3.

7-Eleven Hong Kong: Plant-based meat across 700 stores

Together with Hong Kong’s plant-based grocery and café Green Monday, 7-Eleven is now offering plant-based meals in over 700 stores across the country.  These products will be available under the OmniEats brand, and include classics such as spaghetti in black pepper sauce and rice vermicelli with sesame in teriyaki sauce served with its meat alternative called OmniPork.  Plant-based OmniEat Siu Mai and OmniEat Crystal Dumplings are also among the 30 varieties of plant-based snacks that cater to the health conscious.  As an added incentive, members of the yuu rewards programme are eligible to earn three times yuu points for every purchase of these plant-based items.  Alex Liu, Managing Director of 7-Eleven Hong Kong and Macau, commented, “More and more people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.  But finding tasty plant-based food conveniently and around the clock can still be a challenge. Our extensive store network and the fact we’re open 24 hours enables us to meet our customers’ needs and offer them plant-based options anytime, anywhere.”

Source: Unilever

Unilever: Launch of ‘World Eat for Good Day’ globally

Unilever has also recently launched globally the ‘World Eat for Good Day.’  This is meant for people who want to consume food that are good for their health and the planet, but find it hard to know what changes to make or where to start.  The goal is to inspire people to swap their traditional food ingredients with any of the 50 nutritious plant-based ingredients selected by Knorr and WWF’s scientists, chefs, nutritionists and experts based on their nutritional value and relatively lower impact on the environment.  Hanneke Faber, President of Unilever’s Food and Refreshment Division concluded, “It is not up to us to decide for people what they want to eat, but it is up to us to make healthier and plant-based options accessible to all.”

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