Italy: sugar tax, expansion and online

Date : 21 November 2018

We look at how Italy’s coalition government is set to impose a sugar tax, while retailers Selex and Conad are expanding their store networks and Crai signs a delivery service partnership.

Italy to pass sugar tax

The Italian government is in the process of introducing a sugar tax as an amendment to its 2019 budget. The amendment will be “aimed at drinks with high sugar content” and must be approved by parliament by the end of 2018. The revenue generated by the tax is expected to help cut taxes for the self-employed and increase university funding.

However, the European Commission has rejected the Italian government’s draft budget, stating it aims to raise the deficit instead of reducing it. The government has been advised to present a new fiscal plan but is continuing regardless. 

Selex launches new ‘Animali che Passione’ banner

Selex has rolled out its new ‘Animali che Passione’ pet store banner. With help from Megamark and Supermarket Elite, Selex created the banner “to seize the opportunities of a growing market”. The first Animali che Passione store was built inside La Corte Lombarda shopping mall in Bellinzago Lombardo.

The 500 sq. m store offers a range of 8,000 SKUs, made up of pet food, pet hygiene products and pet accessories. An in-store grooming service is available as well as organised events and meetings. Selex hopes to expand the store network to 10 by the end of 2018. A further 18 to 20 stores are also expected to open in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Lazio, Lombardy, Molise, Piedmont and Puglia in 2019.

Most store openings will feature the Animali che Passione store sign, except those which already operate their own brand. For example, Megamark’s Joe Zampetti banner will become Joe Zampetti, Animali che Passione and Supermarket Elite’s Elite Pet will become Elite Pet, Animali che Passione.

Conad acquires six Finiper hypermarkets

Conad has signed an agreement with retailer Finiper to take over the commercial management of six hypermarkets. Conad’s cooperatives, Conad Adriatico and Commercianti Indipendenti Associati, will operate the stores in Ortona, Pescara, Colonnella, Civitanova Marche, Pesaro and Udine from Q1 2019.

As a result of the agreement, Conad will gain 44,083 sq. m of sales space and achieve significant synergies in logistics costs. The transaction has been approved by Italy’s Competition and Market Authority.

Francesco Pugliese, Conad’s managing director, and Marco Brunelli, president of Finiper, commented, “The agreement between Finiper and Conad is an opportunity to grow further in the Adriatic region, proposing convenience and services that are closer to the needs of shoppers”.

Crai partners with ‘Take My Things’

Crai has partnered with start-up ‘Take My Things’ to facilitate a home delivery service for online orders purchased on The partnership has been trialled in three supermarkets in Turin for three weeks. The number of stores involved is expected to grow soon.

Take My Things is responsible for delivering orders to homes within two hours of purchase. The start-up uses bikes and ensures products are transported appropriately, depending on their necessary temperature; frozen, fresh, dry and hot.