Italy: discounters and apps

Date : 22 November 2016

As U2 relaunches its store on Amazon Prime Now and Eurospin opens a pop-up store, Gruppo Crai acquires Pellicano and a DESPAR partner evolves its app, we round up news from Italy.

U2 relaunches on Amazon Prime Now

After signing an agreement in July, U2 has reopened its store on Amazon Prime Now after initial analysis showed some ranges and products were underperforming online versus expectations. 7,000 products across 30 categories will be made available through the store. A dedicated section of the store, according to local trade publication GDOWEEK, will be given over to the retailer’s private label range, ‘Il Viaggiator Goloso’.

Eurospin opens pop-up store in Rome

Eurospin has opened a pop-up store in Rome’s main train station to spotlight its Christmas ranges. The store will sell the retailer’s premium private label products and Christmas gift packages, offering free delivery across the country.

Crai to acquire Pellicano fascia

Gruppo Crai has acquired the Pellicano supermarket chain, with the aim of relaunching and revitalising the brand for a wider roll out. Crai said it would look to develop three formats under the banner: a small proximity store measuring between 200 and 399 sq. m; a traditional supermarket, between 400 and 799 sq. m and a small number of supermarkets over 800 sq. m. The brand would be expanded through franchising. One store has been opened under the fascia, with a further seven planned for 2017.

DESPAR evolves app solution

DESPAR Partner in Sicily, Ergon, has launched the DESPAR Sicilia App, adding new features to its existing app. The company has said that the new app adds information on its promotional offers and enables shoppers to collect ‘tribe points’ by scanning QR codes in promotion leaflets, which are also made available in the app. Shoppers who collect 2,000 tribe points can redeem them for €2 off a basket worth more than €25, while shoppers who collect 5,000 points can redeem them for €5 off a basket of over €50.